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Most of us have seen, if not heard of the ‘Pillow Face Botox Filter’ on Instagram. It’s caused public uproar and raised questions around unnatural looks that social media users often see on their feeds, full of unrealistic beauty standards and edited photos.

While the pillow face filter was created to exaggerate cosmetic surgery, what’s shocking is 90% of young women still feel the need to edit their images before posting online. But here at Vice Reversa, we want you to know that natural is beautiful! 


Inspiring Natural Beauties

Many celebrities are encouraging the bare-faced movement, including Lady Gaga and Alicia Keys, who has spoken out about her skin texture and accepting her natural look. So, which famous women are celebrating their natural look and inspiring us the most to go bare-faced?


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Cardi B

Cardi B is the most searched for bare-faced beauty. Earlier this year, she opened up to her tens of millions of fans on Instagram with a makeup-free video. In the caption, she said This is my face after wakin up 20 minutes ago, no filter, hair not brushed, lip chap all that. I never been afraid to show my real self…’ The video now has over 4.6 million likes, proving that we all love her natural look too!


Kylie Jenner

Although Kylie is famous for her makeup range and flawless looks, the beauty mogul also embraces her natural side, sharing makeup-free selfies and going bare-faced in makeup tutorials which rack up millions of views from admiring fans.


Lady Gaga

When you think of Lady Gaga you often think of bold fashion choices and iconic makeup looks, but the singer also wows fans and balances this with her amazing natural beauty, with some of her fresh-faced posts getting over 800,000 likes.


Reverse your Instagram filter

It’s time to challenge beauty expectations on social media, which is why we’ve created a ‘reverse Instagram filter’ to encourage more women to post unedited photos online and embrace their natural skin.


You can find this ‘filter’ on our Facebook and Instagram pages right now! Give it try and share your real beauty online using the hashtag #barefacedbeauty


The Bare Faced Beauty filter in Use

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Search volume was gathered on October 2021 for two terms 'X no makeup' and 'X bare face'. Figures are the combined, monthly average from 200+ countries over the last 12 months for both terms.

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