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sleep tight everyday within minutes

Get yourself a best sleep ever

  • Dreamcube benefits
  • How it work?

Over 10,000 night's sleep and counting continuously.

We've helped our users get over 10,000 nights of better sleep.

The Data

Just minutes daily using - A boost for the ultimate sleep

Users began to see their sleep improve within just 3 days using!

Users with trouble sleeping were going to sleep 40% - 60% faster and 60 more minutes per night after one month!

Sleep better to wake your feeling refreshed

The average person spends about 26 years sleeping in our life. The one activity we spend most of our life doing is sleep. The quality of sleep determines the quality of life. You want an alternative to sleep supplements?

Life stress, anxiety and depression.

Difficulty falling asleep,

easy to wake up in the middle night.

"I can’t turn off my brain" syndrome.

Timing deviation, day and night reversed.

Go to sleep faster, better, and longer

  • Dreamcube is a simple wearable inspired by decades of scientific research that will help you relax drift off to sleep.
  • By emitting gentle pulses, Dreamcube entrains your brain to exhibit Theta brainwaves - the brainwaves of sleep. This helps quiet your mind and relaxes your body to help you drift off to sleep.
  • Non-invasive and non-habit-forming, Dreamcube can be used by people of any age to help them get the sleep they need.
  • Discreet, lightweight, and easy to use. Dreamcube is designed to be used anywhere, from the comfort of your home after a long day of work to a long plane ride across the globe.
  • Dreamcube's patented process helps you go to sleep without the risks of sleeping pills. It has been effectively used by people of all ages, from children to seniors.

Lightweight, Comfortable, and Simple to Use

  • USB POWERED: It can be connected to various of charging method such as USB, MPP, power supply and long battery life.
  • EASY TO HOLD: Say goodbye to heavy and complicated medical equipment. Weight's 30g only, easily portable. You can take it wherever you want.
  • The one key button to turn on and adjust level.
  • Upgraded design, small, lightweight and compact with colorful.
  • The one key button to turn on and adjust level.

With Dreamcube - a high quality sleep until dawn


Can't find question? Email us

This product is safe for young children and pregnant women?

It's 100% Safe. Physical microcurrent therapy, non-invasive, drug-free and suitable for everyone. A deep sleep will come naturally.

What happens when you drop it while sleeping?

It's the reason our product has a strap that prevents it from falling while you're in a deep sleep.

Can someone with epilepsy use the product?

It is prohibited to use in patients with Epilepsy.

It is not recommended for patients with implanted electronic devices such as pacemakers and insulin pumps.

It is not recommended for patients with hemorrhagic stroke history.

It is prohibited to use it with high-frequency equipment, short-wave, or microwave treatment equipment.

It is prohibited to use the device near the chest area or when operating complicated and dangerous equipment or driving.

Avoid using it with high-frequency for long hours to simulate the same position.

If you had skin discomfort with a burning sensation, take a rest for a few minutes before resume back the therapy.

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