SoSmooth Plunge Bra Kit

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The Problem:  No bra existed that could provide cleavage and support while remaining completely invisible beneath plunging necklines and backless outfits.


The Solution: Julia Moda, the world’s first frontless, backless, and strapless bra.    Perfectly combining the best features of the strapless bra, the push-up bra, and the “sticky bra” with a patented, one-size-fits-all design. 

Together, this revolutionary frontless bra creates the illusion of a non-surgical breast augmentation, at a fraction of the price!

Designed to be comfortable as it flows with your body as you move, you can bend, sit, and dance all day and night!

The bra is coated to remain at body temperature and pusher paddles adjust to your specific shape and feels as if hands are holding your breasts together from the sides.

The bra must be adjusted to your specific size and shape for comfort and proper fit.


  • Designed for necklines that plunge mid-torso, 
  • The Moderate plunge provides more cleavage than our Deep plunge and is more versatile.
  • Sitting 4" below the cleavage, though it is called “Moderate”, it is definitely on the dramatic side.
  • Great for women looking for max cleavage and slight lift, this bra works with all women of any size, shape or height. 


  • The Shallow plunge is designed to replace the traditional strapless bra. 
  • Sitting 2" below the bottom of your breasts, the shortest plunge we have created.
  • The Shallow Plunge bra is perfect for tight fitting tops, dresses, bodysuits and crop tops while still providing a frontless, backless, and strapless look.
  • Great for women looking for max cleavage and a slight lift, and fits all women of any size, shape or height.


  • The Deep Plunge is designed for daring tops and beautiful gowns that plunge to the belly button or lower.
  • Sitting 6" below the bottom of your breasts, it is recommended for extremely dramatic plunging necklines of 6” or more (think Jennifer Lopez’s green Grammy dress,)
  • For those special occasions when you want to make a statement

NOTE: We typically recommend our Shallow or Moderate plunge, unless your top or dress plunges to or below the belly button. The Deep Plunge works best for women 5’5” and taller.

    Plunge bra kit arrives in one of our black satin bags and Includes:

  • VOLUMIZING PADS - One pair of standard-sized pads to round out the look under clothing and add comfort. Check out our sizing chart to determine if custom pads would help perfect your fit (sold separately). 
  • ANTI-SLIP SILICONE STICKERS - Two pairs to apply to the bra paddles and pads for the bra to work. The stickers will last many uses and can be reactivated with a dab of water and rubbing dry.
  • OPTIONAL STRAP - Although not necessary to wear, we've included an optional black strap to provide added security until you are comfortable without it!
  • FOR EVERYONE - This plunge bra is suitable for all cup sizes


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