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Premium IPL Handset & Crystal Hair Remover

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Get the perfect hair removal set with this bundle!Use the Crystal Hair Remover to shave the hair down, then use the the Premium IPL to target the hair root and ensure it does not grow back!

Note:The bundle is cheaperthan buying products separately, limited time only!


LUX SKIN® Premium IPL Handset is World’s #1 selling Premium IPL Handset! 

With our patent-pending design, this powerful IPL Handset will have you hair-free in just weeks. No more trips to the salon to get your hair ripped out! 

Why Is It Special

  • Lifetime Flashes - Permanently hair-free skin with 600,000 flashes - 20 Years worth which is 2x longer than our standard IPL Handset.

  • Energy Per Flash - 15 J/cm2, also 2x stronger than our standard IPL Handset for increased efficiency.

  • Suitable for Face & Body -Gentle enough for facial hair removal and powerful enough to permanently remove body hair. 

  • Automatic Skin Tone Selection - Suitable for all skin tones and hair thicknesses.

  • Quick & Easy - Permanent hair removal with this easy-to-use handset in weeks. 

  • Luxurious Design - The sleek body features easy grip to make your hair removal session nothing less than a luxury.

    How it Works

    IPL (Intense Pulse Light) laser hair removal is a safe, non-invasive hair removal treatment. It damages the hair follicles from within, restricting the regrowth of your hair while also preventing ingrown hair.

    It uses high-power flash to remove unwanted hair permanently. With LUX SKIN® Premium IPL Handset, you can have an effortless hair-removing solution at your fingertips.  

    Portable & Pain-Free 

    Our LUX SKIN® Premium IPL Handset features a sleek and portable design with a user-friendly control panel. With the quick charge and powerful laser technology, this can be your ultimate travel skincare partner

    The product offers a pain-free and quick solution to remove hair at home permanently. Enjoy hair-free and smooth skin with its ergonomic design to fit all the curves of your body.  

    Tired of the tugging and pulling off wax? Do hair removal creams burn your skin? If yes, here is the perfect solution. The LUX SKIN® Crystal Hair Remover will ensure silky smooth skin without any hassle! 

    What Is It 

    Tired of the tugging and pulling off wax? Do hair removal creams burn your skin? If yes, here is the perfect solution. The LUX SKIN® Crystal Hair Remover will ensure silky smooth skin without any hassle! 

    Why Is It Special 

    • Ultra Fine Sanding Sheet - The ultra-fine grade sanding sheet provides effortless hair removal. 

    • Ergonomic Design - With the ergonomic design, you can reach every part of your body without cramping your hands.

    • Pain-Free Hair Removal - No more tugging, pulling, and burning with the crystal hair remover. 

    • Suitable for Different Body Parts - It is specifically designed to use all over your body. 

    • Easy-to-Use - All you have to do is rub the tool in a circular motion to remove unwanted hair and dead skin. 

    • Quick and Gentle - Get rid of body hair in no time while smoothing out its texture. 

    How it Works

    The LUX SKIN® Crystal Hair Remover uses premium-quality, ultra-fine sanding sheets to buff away your body hair and dead skin cells. Use the tool on targeted areas in gentle circular motions to weaken your hair shaft and remove it with your dead skin. 

    This Crystal Hair Remover is quick and gentle on your skin and is also travel-friendly. You do not require any batteries or an electrical outlet to use this. The best part is that you do not have to worry about refills! 

    Crystal Hair Removal vs. Conventional Hair Removing Methods 

    • The Crystal Hair Remover removes hair and dead skin cells, unlike shaving and using hair removal creams.

    • With our LUX SKIN® Crystal Hair Remover, you will not have to restock on supplies like wax or hair removal creams.

    • Using Crystal Hair Remover is cheaper in the long run, unlike waxing or laser hair removal.

    • Your hair does not grow thicker after using the Crystal Hair Remover like it would after shaving.

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